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         2023/2024 Season
Hello everyone,
As the 2023/2024 season approaches, I am looking at the obstacles that I want this program to overcome this year. Not only have I raised the bar - again - to new levels, I am beginning adventuring into areas unknown to myself and this school. The challenge seems almost impossible... almost being the key word. This program has surrounded itself with the best coaching staff, booster club members, administration, players, and parents to take on this challenge and make the impossible a reality. I am ready for this years challenge and all that is left that I ask you one simple question...
are YOU ready..?
If you have any questions, please direct them to my email.
As always, GO GRIZZLIES!!!
Coach Stephen Evison
Coach Stephen Evison's Email - [email protected]
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Program Roster
Below are the team rosters for this years 2023/2024 season.
It seems that every year, the Student Athletes we have continue to make it harder for me to select the squads I believe will continue the program in the upwards direction we are on. With another record breaking attendance at Summer Camp and then again at Try-Outs, my thought process became very simple. I selected players that have made the choice to be ready for any challenge that has come their way. For some, the journey is about to come to an end as they enter their final year(s) at Golden Valley. For others, they are just beginning. But for everyone, we are all now apart of one united program.
Congratulations to all the players on their placement. I am looking forward to watching every single one of you play this year.
Coach Stephen