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In order for students to obtain a work permit, students must have a minimum of a 2.0 with no "F's" and have 20 days or less of unexcused tardies and/or absences in a quarter. 
The process to obtain a work permit is outlined below. 
Steps to Obtaining a Work Permit
Step 1: Secure Employment
Students need to secure a job before obtaining a work permit.
Step 2: Download the work permit application linked HERE
Step 3: Complete the work permit application:
1. Students are to complete the sections "Minor's Information" and "School Information."
2. Employers are to complete the section "For Employer to Complete" - print and sign their name.
3. Parents/guardians are required to sign the form for knowledge and consent.
Step 4: Return documentation to Lia Boscarino in the AP office 
Please be sure you have completed the following steps prior to applying for a work permit: 
STEP 1: Secure Employment: Students need to secure a job before obtaining a work permit.
STEP 2: Download the Work Permit Application on the GV website. 
STEP 3: Complete the Work Permit Application.  Please have all information filled out including student, parent, and employer signatures.    
Any work permits issued after June 6, 2023, will expire on August 31, 2024.