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At Golden Valley, we want to make the strongest connection possible between home and school.
Lost & Found, Fall Semester
Items are taken to the 200 core when turned in.  Please visit that location to look for lost items.
Informed Parents + Involved Parents = Student Success! The proven formula for Golden Valley High School!

Welcome to the Golden Valley High School Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Our GV PAC Mission Statement: To encourage and provide opportunities for parents to get involved and actively participate in our students' education, build on their strengths, and support them in reaching their goals.

Our GV PAC Goals:
 *to serve as liaisons and communicators between school administration, parents, students, and the community.
 *to support student organizations and staff development on campus.
 *to recognize and promote student achievement through activities, programs and scholarships.
 *to encourage GV parent involvement.
 *to serve as an advisory group to the Principal regarding educational needs, concerns, and improvements.

This year, PAC is asking for a $10.00 Membership donation to help support and promote student achievement through sponsored activities, programs, and scholarships. Please forward cash or check (made out to GV PAC) to the administration office. Your kind donation is greatly appreciated!

Questions about PAC? Contact Analiza  Bernat
[email protected]