Admissions & Enrollment, and Vaccination Requirements

We look forward to you joining the Golden Valley Family!
We encourage all new families to enroll during the summer and before school starts so there is no delay in your student's start date and counselor meeting.   We are open Monday-Friday from 8 am to 1 pm for enrollments this summer.  We will be closed  June 19, July 4-5
All registration forms for new students are on this page under Admissions and Enrollments. 
Please print all pages so you can fill them out.  In addition, we need
Birth Certificate 
Immunization Records
Unofficial Transcripts 10th-12th graders, incoming 9th graders an 8th grade report card is sufficient
A Current Utility Bill in parents/guardians name with address
Registration hours are Monday-Friday from 8 am to 1 pm
See home page for summer and non school day hours
To enroll your student in Golden Valley High School follow these steps:
  1. Determine if you live in Golden Valley's attendance boundary cut and paste the following link into your browser:
  2. A parent/guardian/caregiver must be present to enroll a minor child.
  3. Hart District requests a birth certificate, withdrawal grades from current/former school,  immunization records, unofficial transcript, and current IEP, and any other relevant documentation must be provided during enrollment.
  4. For your convenience, attached below are the enrollment documents that can be completed and brought with you when enrolling your student, or this paperwork is available in our office to be completed during your enrollment process.
  5. Please remember California state law requires that prior to being allowed to attend classes all students must provide a copy of up-to-date  immunizations against DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, Acellular Pertussis) OPV (polio),  MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), Hepatitis B,  Varicella (chicken pox) immunization or verified proof that they have had chicken pox and TDAP (whooping cough)
  6.  Proof of residency is required.
  • In the State of California, when enrolling a child in public school, the parent/legal guardian/ caregiver must provide current proof of residency within the school district boundaries.
  • Government Code 244 defines a residence as: "the place where one remains when not working...and to which one returns for sleep". It also states, "There can only be one primary place of residence declared for the student."
  • Evidence of residency for a pupil living with his or her parent/legal guardian/caregiver shall be
  •  established by current documentation showing the name and address of the responsible adult   
    within the school district.
  • Effective January 1, 2012, recent legislation (AB 207) has added the following to the California Education Code, Section 48204.1, which states that any one of the following documents will be
      • Property tax payment receipts.
      • Proof of escrow closing within 45 days of requested date of enrollment.
      • Rental property Company Contract, and  payment  receipts.
      • Utility service  contract, statement or payment receipts for service address.
      • Correspondence from a government  agency.
      • A stack of  recent business mail forwarded to the current address.
      • Home visits will be conducted to verify residency. Per California Penal Code Section 126, misrepresentation on the Declaration of Residency is considered perjury and is punishable by imprisonment or fine pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170. 
  • Once the residency requirement has been met, your child's enrollment may proceed. Please be aware that unannounced home visits can be conducted to verify residency. If it is determined that the information provided upon enrollment is not valid, continued enrollment may be affected.
After all paperwork has been processed, the school will set up an appointment with a counselor to determine your student's schedule  of classes.