Michelle Birchfield, Registrar
Veronica Feather, Asst Registrar
All registration forms for next year are on this page under admissions and Enrollments
Transcript requests can be done through email 
Students need to be withdrawn in person by parent or if you have already moved out of the area please  have new school request records directly from me by email or  fax request.  You may also come to the school to pick up withdrawal paperwork during our summer hours of Monday-Thursday from 8-12:00 pm
  Please contact us by email for all questions.  Phone messages could take up to 3 days to return due to the high volume of calls.


Moving to a new home within Santa Clarita:

     In order to change your address here at school, we will need proof of new address through a utility bill, leasing agreement from a leasing company only or escrow papers. 
Moving out of the district:
     A parent must come and withdraw their student.  All books must be returned along with the student's ID and any uniforms provided by Golden Valley for use during the school year.  Upon clearance of these items, we will provide you with withdrawal paperwork to take to your student's new school. Please contact the registrar's office by email or phone call for hours.