Golden Valley High School

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Early Release and Calendar (Early Dismissal and location of Competition)

Date Sport Level Location Home Visitor Time Class Dismissal Time
8/17 Girls VB FR Eastside Eastside GV 3:30 12:48/Bus departs 1:30
8/17 Girls VB JV Eastside Eastside GV 4:30 12:48/Bus departs 1:30
8/17 Girls VB Var Eastside Eastside GV 5:30 12:48/Bus departs 1:30
8/18 Girls VB JV SCC SCC GV 4:00 Bus departs 2:45
8/18 Girls VB Var SCC SCC GV 5:30 Bus departs 2:45
8/19 Football JV Canyon GV Newbury Park 4:00 12:48/Bus departs 2:15
8/19 Football Var Canyon GV Newbury Park 7:00 NA
8/20 Girls VB JV Chatsworth Chatsworth GV TBD NA