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GV Video Production Career Pathway

Video Production Career Pathway

Advisor: Dena De Vera 

California Industry Sector Pathway - Arts, Media & Entertainment

The Video Production Career Pathway is designed for students who are interested in a variety of film and television industry careers inlcuding: Videographer, Animation, Prop Design, Film Loader, Set Designer, Special Effects, Media and Design Arts Instructor, Director, Video Game Design, Camera Operator and other Arts, Media and Entertainment related fields. This career pathway will provide students with the academic and technical preparation to pursue high-demand and high-skill careers in related and growing industries. Knowledge and skills are acquired through standard-based programs that integrate experiential, project and work-based instruction as well as internship experience.

The introductory Video Production 1A/B courses, will provide students with a basic understanding of all the aspects of the film and television industry as well as learning how to produce videos. Students will be trained in the use of cameras, editing equipment, script writing, story boarding, and how to do voice-overs. Students will learn the basic steps involved in producing their own videos as they use the equipment to produce commercials, public service announcement, movies, and music videos. Students will also learn the more advanced techniques of video production in preparation for a career placement and be instructed in the use of HD cameras, green-screen effects, and lighting and they will work with small groups to enhance their skills in producing larger scale videos.

The advanced courses provide students with a variety of real-world learning opportunities through the production of a daily live television show. Writing, producing, performance, photography, editing, and studio operations will be stressed. Students create video projects both individually and in groups for GVTV, the morning news program, including news stories, commercials, public service announcements, and promotional videos.

Please see Mrs. De Vera.