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GV Culinary Arts Career Pathway

Culinary Arts Career Pathway

Advisor: Dana Bobek

California Industry Sector Pathway - Hospitality and Tourism

The Culinary Arts Career Pathway is designed for students who are interested in Food Industry careers, including: Product Tester, Dietetic Technician, Personal Chef, Food Inspector, Registered Dietitian, Food Product Developer, Food Journalist/Technical Writer, Caterer, Pastry Chef, Sous/Executive Chef, Food Stylist, Event/Wedding Planner, Theme Park Director, Convention Coordinator and other Culinary Arts related fields. This career pathway will provide students with the academic and technical preparation to pursue high-demand and high-skill careers in related and growing industries. Knowledge and skills are acquired through standard-based programs that integrate experiential, project and work-based instruction as well as internship experience.

The introductory Culinary Arts I course, will provide students with the fundamental skills and knowledge needed for preparing, planning and evaluating various foods within each section of the food pyramid. Students will become familiar with how to balance a diet, how to serve food in an attractive manner, and how to maintain a sanitary work environment.

Advanced courses introduce students to a career in the culinary arts. Through hands-on lab experiences students learn about professional food safety and sanitation practices, basic knife skills, a variety of cooking and baking techniques as well as professional food service procedures within the hospitality industry. Students will work with a variety of food products, plan balanced menus, and develop a knowledge of professional cooking and baking techniques and terminology, as well as an understanding of the purchasing and receiving process.

Please see Ms. Bobek in room 520 for more information.