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Dulce Guerra, M.A.

¡Bienvenidos! Mrs. Dulce Guerra is new to the Hart High School District. She is a recent graduate of California State University-Northridge where she received both her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Culture (2020) and Master’s degree in Spanish (2022). She plans on continuing her education by applying to a PhD program in the near future. She is a contributing author to Somewhere We Are Human: Authentic Voices on Migration, Survival, and New Beginnings—an amazing book created by undocumented and formerly undocumented poets, artists, and writers and is edited by Sonia Guiñansaca and Reyna Grande.  


Mrs. Guerra was born in Sonora, Mexico, but migrated to Northwest Indiana at the age of 8. While growing up in NWI, she encountered many situations where she was not encouraged or prohibited from using her native language. This created a disconnection between her mother tongue and identity and when she moved to Los Angeles her desire to understand more about her native language resurfaced. She began her educational career in Spanish because of the quantity of Spanish she heard around her and the pride that Angelenos showed while speaking. She hopes to share the same love and excitement of learning Spanish to her students.  


Mrs. Guerra has a deep love for books, animals, and snacks. While living in Indiana she nurtured orphaned deer and raccoons and was able to release them back into the woods. She learned how to birth calves and got the opportunity to care for the newborns. As for books, she is always up for recommendations.  


¡Nos vemos!