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Registration for Wave Learning

Registration for Wave Learning
Begins Oct. 5th - November 6th. Register today for tutoring. This is FREE.

Join Wave Learning Festival for curricular tutoring services, guest speaker events, and “Tides” of month-long courses for an engaging and out-of-the-box learning experience! All of our offerings are free and online, in an effort to make opportunities accessible to all. Launched by students from Harvard, Stanford, UPenn, and other colleges across the country, Wave’s goal is to make educational opportunities more equitable. We teach students topics that we are passionate about and cultivate a love of learning in our students.


Tides Tides are our fall online courses! We recruit passionate college students to teach live, interactive seminars on topics they love to students from 6ththrough 12thgrade. The courses are on a wide range of topics for an out-of-the-box learning experience. In the past, Wave instructors have taught everything from “Counting Infinities” to “Hip-Hop and Social Activism.” Like the natural phenomenon, Tides will run on about a monthly basis, ranging from 3 to 10 sessions total to allow students to cover a greater depth of information over that time. Tide 1 will run from October 5thto November 6th. Students can register on our website starting September 15th.Click here for course offerings!

Tutoring Wave Tutoring is a free online tutoring service for children anywhere! Taught by high-achieving high school and college students from around the globe, this program will aid middle and high school learners in understanding subjects in math, science, humanities, and a variety of languages. With hours available every day of the week, students will have ready access to a tutor if they find themselves needing an explanation in any of our available subjects.

More specifics: Each drop-in tutoring session will last an hour and holds up to 5 students at a time in order to provide a personal and focused educational experience. If their tutor is currently occupied with others, students will be able to enter a queue and join the moment a new spot becomes available.

When: Tutoring will be accessible through the student dashboard starting Monday, October 5th,after a student signs up for a Wave Learning Festival account.

Why: In homes across the world, students are having to balance their already demanding coursework with the difficulties of online learning. In-person discussions with teachers and their assistants have been put on hold as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet students are still in need of academic support wherever it can be found.

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