Work Permits

In order for students to obtain a work permit, students must have a minimum of a 2.0 with no "F's" and have 10 days or less of unexcused tardies and/or absences in a quarter. 
The process to obtain a work permit is outlined below. 
Steps to Obtaining a Work Permit
Step 1: Secure Employment
Students need to secure a job before obtaining a work permit.
Step 2: Download the work permit application linked HERE
Step 3: Complete the work permit application:
1. Students are to complete the sections "Minor's Information" and "School Information."
2. Employers are to complete the section "For Employer to Complete" - print and sign their name.
3. Parents/guardians are required to sign the form for knowledge and consent.
During Winter Break - December 19 - January 6th work permits will be issued at the Hart District Office - 21380 Centre Pointe Parkway, Santa Clarita, CA 91350. 
The permits will be issued by appointment only.  Appointments are 15 minutes and can be scheduled by emailing [email protected]
Please be sure you have completed the following steps prior to applying for a work permit: 
STEP 1: Secure Employment: Students need to secure a job before obtaining a work permit.
STEP 2: Download the Work Permit Application on the GV website. 
STEP 3: Complete the Work Permit Application.  Please have all information filled out including student, parent, and employer signatures.    

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