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Winter Color Guard

Hello Grizzly Families,

We hope this email finds you and your families healthy and safe during these unusual and potentially stressful times.  As we hear on the news, schools may or may not resume again on May 5, 2020. 

The Boosters had an emergency Video Booster Board Meeting this last Friday evening.   We know this affects everyone differently and some of our families may be out of work.  As you know, the Winter Guard and Drum Lines competitive season was cancelled.  Those students had Winter Fair Share/Camp dues for their winter season.   For those who made their payments, we, the Boosters, have a few options for you. However, if you still owe the Fall ’19 band fees, they will be applied to money owed first.

1.)  You may roll it forward to the Fall ’20 Band Camp Fees (less money owed for Fall ’19)

2.)   You may receive a refund (less money owed for Fall ’19)

3.)  You can donate the money to the Band Boosters (less money owed for Fall ’19)

 Our hope is that only those who truly need the money during this time ask for a refund.  We have two instructors, Brian Nunez & Hector Juarez, whom have been with us close to ten years.   Our goal is to continue to pay them during the next two months if possible. They are independent contractors and are not be able to collect unemployment.   They work for multiple schools and this is how they make the income to provide for their families.  

Regarding the Ad Fundraiser:  I will be contacting all of the companies to give them their option regarding their ads as well.  Obviously, anyone who wants a refund will be given a refund.  Our hope is they will still like to continue to support us.  We will still put together an Ad Brochure/Band Yearbook.   This will be given to all of the Band students (Guard is part of Band), the Booster Board, staff and business sponsors.  However, if they ask for a refund and this is how you paid your fees, they will be deducted.  If they choose to keep their ad and this how you paid your fees, they will roll forward to Fall.   

We are only accepting payments online at this time:  CLICK HERE 


Any questions regarding your account status please email our Treasurer Erin Hester at



***June 10-12             Wed-Fri           2-9pm              Band Camp #1                                    GVHS

***July 4th                   Saturday          8-11am            SCV 4th of July Parade                         Hart HS

***July 8-10                Wed-Fri           2-9pm              Band Camp #2                                    GVHS

***July 27-31              Mon-Fri           8-12 & 5-9       Band Camp #3                                    GVHS

***August 1                Saturday          8am-2pm        Car Wash                                            GVHS

***August 3-7             Mon-Fri           8-12 & 5-9       Band Camp #3                                    GVHS

       August 8               Saturday          6-8pm              Pot Luck / Concert                              GV Amphitheater

       August 11             Tuesday           7:00am            Classes Begin!                                     GVHS  


If we do not return to school until August, our hope is August Band Camp will continue as planned and there will be weekend camps after school starts. TBA.