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2020 Winter/Spring Schedule

If we return to school May 5th, this is our updated schedule –

TBA                                                                 Parent meeting         

May 5              Tuesday           7:00pm            Band Booster Meeting                        Band Room

 (JB 1&2) (SB,WE) May 13 Wednesday     7:00pm            Grizzly Concert Spring Concert           GVHS/Theater

 (JB1&2)May 16             Saturday          TBD                 Superjazz Festival                                West Ranch HS

 (ALL)    May 18             Monday           7:00pm            Grizzly Band Banquet                          GVHS/Gym


June  2             Tuesday           8:30am            Graduation                                         College of the Canyons

***this is NOT a typo, it is 8:30AM in the morning.  Transportation and call time TBD***


***June 10-12             Wed-Fri           2-9pm              Band Camp #1                                    GVHS

***July 4th                   Saturday          8-11am            SCV 4th of July Parade                         Hart HS

***July 8-10                Wed-Fri           2-9pm              Band Camp #2                                    GVHS

***July 27-31              Mon-Fri           8-12 & 5-9       Band Camp #3                                    GVHS

***August 1                Saturday          8am-2pm        Car Wash                                            GVHS

***August 3-7             Mon-Fri           8-12 & 5-9       Band Camp #3                                    GVHS

       August 8               Saturday          6-8pm              Pot Luck / Concert                              GV Amphitheater

       August 11             Tuesday           7:00am            Classes Begin!                                     GVHS  


If we do not return to school until August, our hope is August Band Camp will continue as planned and there will be weekend camps after school starts. TBA.