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Early Release:


  •       Students leaving due to illness, must be cleared through the Health Office.
  •         Parents/guardians should email, call or have the student drop off a note to the Attendance Office to request an early release. 

***For early release emails please write STUDENT PICK UP in the subject line***

  •       The email, note or voicemail message must include:

o   Student’s name

o   Date & Time of Release

o   Reason for Early Release

o   Name of person picking up the student if not parent or guardian

o   Parent/Guardian name

  •         Phone calls and email requests for early release must be made at minimum 30 minutes in advance of the requested release time.
  •         No student can be released from a class during the last 15 minutes of that period.
  •         No student can be released from class during the last 30 minutes of the school day.