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Girls Basketball » Player Expectations

Player Expectations


  • Student-Athletes are expected to demonstrate citizenship and leadership in all classes.
  • This includes showing respect to teachers and other students, demonstrating cooperation and responsible behavior at all times. 
  • Do not put anything on social media you wouldn't want the world to see. Everything you post is public information. Be careful what you post. What you post may affect your future.
  • No derogatory language, remarks, incriminating photos, depicting violence, hazing, sexual harassment, nudity, inappropriate gestures, alcohol or drugs will be tolerated.
  • Remember that as a student- athlete you are representing yourself and Golden Valley High School. Your conduct and sportsmanship should always reflect on you and the school in the best possible way. Coaches will remove players who cannot demonstrate a high level of sportsmanship.

Student First: 

  • Student-Athletes will perform to the best of their abilities in all classes. You are a student first and an athlete second. 
  • Failing to maintain a passing grade indicates an inability to handle the load of being a team member as well as a student. 
  • If teachers are not satisfied that you are working to your potential; you may be suspended from competition until improvement is shown. 
  • In order to be eligible student-athletes must have earned no more than one failing grade on the previous semester’s report grade (GPA of a 2.0)
  • If a student-athlete is failing a class, they will be deemed ineligible until the grade is above failing.
    • Struggling students should seek guidance from teachers/coaches as soon as possible each quarter. 
    • Grade checks will be sent out to ensure eligibility. 
    • Intervention with Coaches will be set up if necessary

Athlete Second: 

  • Players are expected to be present at all practice sessions. 
  • Players must be dressed, taped, braced and ready prior to the time that practice is scheduled to start.
  • Players will stretch as a group under the leadership of the team captain(s)
  • If players will miss practice/games, they must contact the coaches in advance (that includes if you are going to be late)
  • Communication is KEY between athlete, coach and parents/guardians
    • It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to relay team information to their parent/guardian. 

School Attendance Policy: 

  • Student-Athletes are EXPECTED to attend all classes. Any player who has missed ANY classes on a game day, unexcused, will not be permitted to compete. 
  • A student-athlete may not practice if she is absent from school, has received an unexcused absence during the school day from the teacher, and/or leaves campus without permission.
  • If players are continually late or missing class they will be suspended from games and practices until further notice. Continuing the behavior is grounds for removal from the team.

Practice Attendance Policy: 

  • Student-Athletes are EXPECTED to attend all practices/games. 
  • If a player misses 5 practices within the same season they will be suspended for a minimum of 2 days, depending on infraction. Once a player returns from suspension, players will not be allowed to miss more than 2 more practices. If 2 more practices are missed, you will be removed from the Golden Valley Girls Basketball Team for that year. 
  • If a player misses a practice the day before a game, without notification, they will not be allowed to participate in the game, but still expected to attend. 
  • If a player is late to practice without notification, they will have sprints for each minute late

Excused Absences/Situations: 

  • If a player misses school and it was an excused absence 
  • If a player has a doctors appointment (notification given days prior) 
  • If a player attends a school field trip
  • Missing practice to work on a school project or to complete homework will not count as an excused absence