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National Honor Society » GVHS NHS Officers: Past and Present

GVHS NHS Officers: Past and Present

2018/2019 Officers:
President:  Jielena Bragasin (class of 2019)
Vice President:  Evelyn Kong (class of 2020)
Secretary:  Kennedi Williams (class of 2020)
Treasurer:  Hazel Aguiluz (class of 2019)
Historian:  Franz Eugenio (class of 2019)
2017/2018 Officers:
President:  Kirsten Azarraga (class of 2018)
Vice President: Jielena Bragasin (class of 2019)
Treasurer:  Nadia Burkari (class of 2018)
Secretary: Jerry Calderon (class of 2018)
Historian:  Elizabeth Aguilar (class of 2018)
2016/2017 Officers:
President:  David Chung (class of 2017)
Vice President: Kirsten Azarraga (class of 2018)
Secretary: Charlie Hwang (class of 2017)
Historian:  Nadia Bukhari (class of 2018)
2015/2016 Officers:
President: Eljie Bragasin (class of 2016)
Vice President: David Chung (class of 2017)
Treasurer: Nicholas Nunez (class of 2016)
Secretary: Claudine Gutierrez (class of 2016)
Historian:   Matthew Chang (class of 2017)
2014/2015 Officers:
President: Paul Han (class of 2015)
Vice President: Olivia Bates (class of 2015)
Treasurer: Claire Lee (class of 2015)
Secretary: Jin Heo (class of 2015)
2013/2014 Officers:
President: Danh Pham (class of 2014)
Vice President: Olivia Bates (class of 2015)
Treasurer: Jenny Chitgain (class of 2014)
Secretary: Jenny Abajo (class of 2014)
Historian:Paul Han (class of 2015)