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Title One » 2018-2019 SY Goals

2018-2019 SY Goals

Goal 1

1.1 One highly qualified school counselor will be hired to increase opportunities for monitoring of student progress by increasing counseling services to all students.
1.2 Increase student involvement in the school culture removing financial obstacles to participation in co-curricular programs.
1.3 The counseling department will provide Transit Access Passes (TAP cards) for students that are on free or reduced lunch but do not meet the district's distance criteria for transportation to and from school.
1.4 Hire a program specialist to help teachers systematically and routinely use data to guide instructional decisions and meet students’ learning needs.
1.5 Send a team of GV staff to the Capturing Kids Hearts training. Support staff with learning strategies that develop positive relationships. These relationships with teachers and support staff create a positive learning environment where students can thrive academically. Students are that more connected to school are more likely to attend and have positive outcomes.
1.6 The counseling department will foster interest in a 4 year university by creating a summer camp for at risk students and 1st generation college eligible juniors.

Goal 2

2.1 Increase student access to technology and digital tools at home and in the classroom.
2.2 Enrich and increase students' scholastic achievement via the use of film text in the classroom.

Goal 3

3.1 Support the operation in the Parent Awareness Workshops and Support (PAWS) Center to providing additional services to parents and students.
3.2 Provide food for Community Health Fair participants, and increase public attention, awareness, and marketing of the Fair for families in the community.
3.3 Conduct Parent workshops and networking opportunities provided by GV staff to support our students in achievement, connection to school, and communication.

Goal 4

4.1 Extend the school day for students performing below grade level or at risk of failing one or more subjects.
4.2 Provide instructional support for students to better access standards aligned curriculum in core subjects.
4.3 Send a team of English teachers to the NCTE Annual Conference to build increased capacity, and to implement the cross-curricular focus of literacy.
4.4 Provide food for students attending after school intervention.
4.5 Implement instructional supports to measure communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity in the classroom.